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There are plenty of obvious things that all celebrities seem to have in common. Namely an enviable closet, a substantial pay cheque, and — for several ladies on the list — a shared spotlight with Matthew McConaughey.Christian Louboutin Sale.But, it’s actually a subtle detail that ties them all together — one that’s as ubiquitous on the red carpet as Giuliana Rancic. We are of course referring to the bright red sole of a Christian Louboutin heel. It’s the signature flash of colour that lets you and everyone standing behind you know that your shoes are not only luxe, but made by someone who’s as obsessed with sexy footwear as it gets. And, someone who’s celebrating a birthday today.Christian Louboutin Shoes.Mr. Louboutin has made headlines before for creating heels in every possible shade of nude, inspired by Disney villains, and some that are strictly for wearing on your fingers. But, by far his legacy is one that’s been made on the red carpet. And, the 30 celebrities ahead can vouch for that.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley brings supermodel flair to even the simplest outfits, but every so often she pulls out a look brimming with glamour.Christian Louboutin Heels.Heading out in New York last night for Peter Dundas’s disco-themed bash, she wore a glossy sequinned jumpsuit from the designer’s Spring 2018 collection. A little glam rock and a little vampy, the outfit brought out the best in Huntington-Whiteley. With its plunging neckline, skintight silhouette, and a black band hitting right above the waist for a corsetry effect, Dundas’s creation commanded attention.Keeping the rest of her look blingy, crystal-studded Christian Louboutin boots, a diamond necklace, and matching earrings completed the effect that Huntington-Whiteley was ready to party.Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes.Though the majority of guests were equally glam in Dundas creations, her bold jumpsuit ensured all eyes were on her.



Beauty aficionados, influencers, and makeup artists have used Instagram as a platform to one-up each other in ridiculous approaches to makeup, skin care, hair, and nails.Christian Louboutin Sneakers.I think the most appalling thing I’ve ever seen was a girl using a slice of pizza as a guide to create a perectly straight contour. I wish I could say it stopped there, but it doesn’t. Another girl used a Christian Louboutin heel and a stack of money for the same reason. For a good six months, I couldn’t escape the new trend in contouring. Videos of people using anything and everything they had around their house to help them apply their makeup was all over my feed.Christian Louboutin Mens.I’ve seen everything from people holding up knives to their cheekbones, bananas to their hairline, and a rusty-ass shovel to their eye for a straighter-looking cat eye.